Scario is a beautiful small fishing port, well hidden at the Golf of Policastro. It has a very nice boulevard with excellent restaurants and small terrasses looking out over the sea. It is a lively place, especially in the evening time. On monday there is a market. This is also one of the ports from where the boats leave for the unspoilt beaches on the Masseta coast.

Marina di Camerota

Known for its beautiful beaches Marina di Camerota is sometimes called ‘the pearl of the Cilento coast’. The beaches are just to the North of this small, old fishing port.


Pisciotta is situated high above the sea and surrounded by ageold olive groves. In the centro storico are several very good restaurants, some with splendid views of the sea. Directly under Pisciotta lies Marina di Pisciotta. Also highly recommended!


Just past the sandy beaches of Palinuro the steep cliffs of the Capo Palinuro rise from the sea. This small stretch of land also forms a natural harbour for the small blue-white boats waiting for those who want to see the beautiful Capo Palinuro from the sea. There are also caves to be visited by boat.


From Sapri there is a beautiful coastal road leading to Maratea. Maratea is dominated by the enormous statue of Jesus Christ, high on the mountain top and second-largest in the world. The statue can be reached by car and from there you have magnificent views on the surroundings.


Villammare is closest to Vibonati and also has a fine (pebble)beach. Beautiful old houses from (then)leading families stand along the boulevard, where the Italians like to make the ‘passeggiata’ as soon as the evening falls. In summertime there are sometimes musical performances. A highlight is the Feast of the Madonna di Porto Salvo, held on the first sunday in August, when small boats go out to sea . These boats are covered with flowers and one of them holds the small statue of the Madonna. In this manner the fishermen want to thank her for all her gifts from the sea.