Hiking in the Cilento

The Cilento is a paradise for those who like to hike. The many routes take you to the most beautiful places of the region. It is the best way to experience the natural beauty and visit the remote villages. Follow the wild coast, discover hidden beaches or walk to a mountaintop. Most of the time you will be on your own, surrounded by all that the Cilento has to offer.
Most paths are well-marked and every year more routes are added. Active groups from San Giovanni a Piro and Sapri are maintaining them to make them more accessible for hikers. In our house you will find ample information on these paths as we have walked many of them and also documented them for our guests.


Higly recommended are:

At Scario

From here a path goes in a northerly direction along the coast for 4 kilometres and leads to two small beaches : Molara and the beach at the Grotta dell’Acqua.

At Marina di Camerota

Just a little east of this small harbour starts a very beautiful walk, alternately leading through olive groves, along a mountain ridge and through an ancient forest. The road offers splendid views and ends at one of the most beautiful bays on the Cilento coast, also with a small beach: il Porto degli Infreschi.

Il Sentiero degli Infreschi e della Costa della Masseta, trekking tra le 5 vele

For more impressions visit the website of Francesco Raffaele.

At Morigerati

From Morigerati you can descend to a cave and the source of the river Bussento. It is an easy path in an area of outstanding beauty. The walk starts at the WWF-visitorcenter.

Oasi WWF Bussento Caves – Morigerati

At Pisciotta

From the town-center of Pisciotta a path leads upwards to a mountain ridge. Especially from the second part of the walk there are beautiful views on the coast.

San Giovanni a Piro / Monte Bulgheria

The Monte Bulgheria dominates the Golfo di Policastro area. With its height of 1255 meters it can not be missed. There is path, starting at the campo sportivo at San Giovanni a Piro from where the top can be reached. Needless to say the the views from the top are breathtaking!



Tortorella is situated on a high hill, overlooking the Cilento area. Nearby are various possibilities for hiking, among which a tour around the Monte Cocuzzo stands out for its outstanding views on the coastline and the surrounding mountains.