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Il Cilento, tra mare e monti

We offer our house in Southern Italy for rent. We also want to give you an impression of the Cilento area and the Gulf of Policastro.

Until 2008 we have been camping in Italy and each year we went further south to discover the unknown parts of this beautiful country. One of the best kept secrets of Southern Italy is the Cilento area, about 150 miles south of Naples, in the Campania region.

There we found all the things Italy is famous for: a beautiful coastline with deserted beaches, unspoilt nature, mountains, authentic villages, culture, good food, a lovely climate and friendly and hospitable people. Life in the Cilento is like ‘living at a slower pace’, authentic and peaceful. The region is only recently being discovered by foreigners and they still come in small numbers.

In 2008 we bought a house in the historic centre of Vibonati, a well preserved village, built on a hilltop and dating from the Middle Ages, at only 3 miles from the Gulf of Policastro. Our house is situated in the highest part of the village and from the spacious roofterrace you have a magnificent view of the surrounding hills and the sea.

The inner part of the house has been renovated, keeping most of the original details intact. It has air-conditioning and WIFI. From March until the end of November we offer our house for rent so that other people can also discover this beautiful area.

Hans and Marga Pilon