As soon as you leave the crystal clear sea behind you, you enter the unspoilt heart of the Cilento. In spite of the minimum of rainfall the hills are covered in green, because of the many rivers. Here you will find age old villages where time seems to have stopped since the Middle Ages: Camerota, Pisciotta, Morigerati and San Giovanni a Piro among them.

Camerota (30km from Vibonati)

The trip itself to this ancient village is well worth the visit. Camerota is situated at the edge of a high rock and consists of a myriad of tiny streets. The village is also well known for its handpainted pottery, which is on sale here at a reasonable price. And if you look for a traditional dinner the ‘Antico Borgo di Osteria’ is highly recommended! (to be found in the centro storico)

Pisciotta (45 km from Vibonati)

This small village looks out over the sea and is surrounded by age old olive trees, which were originally planted there by the ancient Greeks. Its cozy square is also the start of a very nice walk into the hills (see also ‘hiking’)


Situated also on a high hilltop Morigerati also offers splendid views of the surrounding area, especially from the church square. At the edge of the village lies the WWF visitor center from where you can descend to the source of the river Bussento and the cave of yet another stream. The walk to and from the old watermill is easily done and a ‘must’ for each visitor!


Also called ‘the white village’ it lies between Sapri and Lagonegro on a small hill crest.

Padula (30 km from Vibonati)

Wordfamous for its beautiful abbey ‘Certosa di San Lorenzo’. Guided tours on request.


This small village has one of Italy’s most beautiful caves, which can be visited, partly by boat and partly on foot. Another example of the diversity of the Cilento area!

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