Vibonati is a small village dating from the Middle Ages only 3 miles away from the Gulf of Policastro and it stretches along the hilltop, just outside the “Il Cilento’ Nature reserve.

Walking through the small streets of Vibonati is like walking back in time and a large part of the historical centre is only accessible on foot and consists of a myriad of small alleys and stairs leading to the closely built old houses.

The village is dominated by the beautiful church of Sant’ Antonio Abate, where from the church square you have a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains, the hills covered with olive trees and the sea.

Vibonati is a lively village with, as in the whole of the Cilento area, a very friendly and hospitable people which is proud of its culture and its traditions. In summer these traditions come to life through various festivities.

In August there are the ‘Festa della Pizza’ and the ‘Sagra del Olive’, two big eating festivals, which is a good time for you to sit at large tables and eat with the Italians.